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broke up. The End.

I do believe that this may be the last post ever to be entered on this Tumblr.  Scott and I broke up.  I think it was just all both of us could handle.  We both ate at each other’s skin.  We exchanged clothes, pictures, and stuff.  Well, I did.  I did the going to him to give him stuff, and get my stuff from the back of his truck.  

As I looked through the pictures I couldn’t help but to smile.  I really couldn’t.  When we had fun, we had fun.  When we fought it was like a war.  When we were silent, well damn, we were silent and didn’t croak.  We’re exact opposites.  He’s more active, and I’m not, I’m what you call lazy.  Haha, well I’m a home body.  I like to be home if I have nothing to do.  Whereas Scott would prefer to not sit on the couch and watch some television.  He would be out running around the block 500,000 times.  

We’ve made it a year and three months.  One day after we broke up.  That’s crazy.  But I’ve learned a lot in the last year.  I really have.  And i really do appreciate the time with Scott.  I don’t regret it, and I certainly wish him the very best.  He deserves good.  He really does.  

I wouldn’t mind if we kept in contact to be completely honest.  I love his family.  And I still love him.  I will always love him, and he’ll always have a spot in my heart.  It’s just my heart has been hurt way too much for it to keep going like this.  So of course we just had to end it.  I’m not sure how it ended.  I really don’t know who ended the relationship, and I don’t care who he thinks ended the relationship.  But, quite frankly it doesn’t matter.  Twenty years down the road, we may run into each other.  Who knows.  I probably wouldn’t be able to hold back a smile, just like I couldn’t hold back a smile while looking at his picture.  

My parents have been very helpful during this.  My dad erased all the messages from Scott that he left on the fridge and replaced it with a sweet message that ended with, “Love, dad”.  I don’t know what daughter couldn’t hold back tears if they saw that right after they woke up.  My dad is the sweetest, and constantly thinks of me.  I love him so very much.  Right now he’s the only guy in my life.  

And for the record, I never cheated, and I never lied.  I was completely honest, and supported him throughout every decision he made.  I tried to make bad situations better for him.  But, apparently that isn’t enough.  

His family is completely amazing through this too.  They’re all messaging me asking how I am doing, and making me feel better.  And telling me that they would’ve never predicted this.  

He kept all of our movie stubs.  Whichever girl who comes after me, I hope she can keep up with his crazy pace.  Seriously though Chick, he’s a wild one.  You’re going to have wild fun nights, and wild fights.  

I don’t know how to end this entry.  I really don’t.  I would still go out of my way for that kid.  If he needs jumped again, he could call me and I’ll help.  If he needs anything I will help.  

I just hope he knows that I kept my promise.  i still love him.  He will always have a place in my heart.  I will forever have the memories of the good and bad parts.  I hope I remember mostly good.  But, the bad comes with it too.  

Anyways journal.  This is good-bye.  I know no one reads this, but hell, I still look back at every single journal I’ve ever owned.  And this happens to be one, so probably plenty years down the road I’ll be reading this.  In that case, Hey Sam.  You’re an awesome strong chick.  You really are.


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We broke up.

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His and hers sammich date!  Thanks lady for splitting our sammich!

His and hers sammich date! Thanks lady for splitting our sammich!

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Was a while ago.  But it was our second time seeing this firework show together!  💜

Was a while ago. But it was our second time seeing this firework show together! 💜

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Tomorrow is 14 months dating!

Tomorrow is 14 months dating!

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It’s been awhile.  I broke my laptop, so I’m not able to type a lot.  Nor do I want to type a book out on my phone.  So I’ve been thinking that tiny pictures would be good with little descriptions.  Right now Scott and I are looking forward to moving out.  Recently Scott has had to move, but not with me.  So we are looking at moving out together in our very own apartment in a whole entire new state.  Sure we are a lot about the state, but we have not lived in it.  It will be a journey for both of us, for both of us will have to travel a distance to work.  It’ll be an interesting journey that we are both looking forward too.  

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